August 1, 2007

Hart: Harbaugh's no Michigan Man

The fallout from former Michigan quarterback Jim Harbaugh's comments about his alma mater continues. Stanford's new head coach made news when he questioned U-M's commitment to upholding high academic standards for its football players.

Tuesday in Chicago, a few Wolverines fired back.

Head coach Lloyd Carr was a bit careful in choosing his words, agreeing they might be "elitist" and adding they might well be arrogant and self serving as well before abruptly ending the conversation. Senior running back Mike Hart, though, was quick to pick up where his coach left off, only he wasn't so diplomatic.

"That's a guy I have no respect for," Hart said. "You graduate from the University of Michigan and you're going to talk about your school like that? A great institution like we have, to say we're not true student-athletes? It's coming from a guy that, I don't know … maybe he wants to coach here and he's mad that he didn't get a job here? A guy like that, I have no respect for.

"It's funny to me, because he just said we're not student-athletes, then he accepts one of our transfers [in quarterback Jason Forcier]. What sense does that make? He obviously wants guys like us at his school; he's just mad that he can't get them. It's nothing against Stanford, it's just that … I don't know, I just have no respect for that guy. I don't know how you can say that. He's not a Michigan Man, and I wish he had never played here. I don't want to meet him. I've never met him, and I don't want to."

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