July 31, 2007

Lynch concentrating on 'the little things'

The big picture couldn't be more clear for Indiana.

The head coach who seemed destined to lead the team past mediocrity and to the top of the conference has passed away, and in turn his death has left his former players with the rally cries that he once led them with. Qualifying for a bowl game and 'playing 13' as Terry Hoeppner used to put it couldn't be more prevalent now that he's passed. And with that you'd expect Hep's coaching staff to be echoing his motivational sentiments of bowl game glory and conference success at any chance they get.

But acting head coach Bill Lynch is actually concerned with matters of a much smaller scale, for now at least. Lynch acknowledges that the goal of reaching a bowl game and giving 100 percent each Saturday is something he and his players are giving a great deal of thought to. Lynch, however, thinks his team has to achieve on a smaller level before it reaches that higher level of post season success. Ultimately, he'd just like his players to focus on working hard in practices and during the upcoming preseason camp.

"This is truly a football team where we've got to take care of things one step at a time," Lynch said. "Because obviously, the rallying cry is 'play 13 and go to a bowl' and all that. That's the big picture. We've got to take care of the little things. The little things start Saturday when the freshmen report and Sunday when the varsity reports, and then the very first practice Monday. If we take care of all the little things and become a good football team and get better each week, then the big picture can take care of itself."

Lynch points out that the regular season can be filled with highs and lows, and a team that focuses so heavily on the end result might find itself mentally unprepared should it hit a road block during the year.

"There's too many peaks and valleys in a football season, and ups and downs and injuries and all the things that happen," Lynch said. "So if all you look at is the big picture, when you hit those valleys and you hit that adversity, you lose track of what you've got to do. Our whole thing is we're going to take it one at a time, every meeting, every drill and every rep and become a good football team."

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