August 16, 2010

Gilbert taking it one practice at a time

MADISON - Bryce Gilbert committed to the Badgers in its most recent class as the No. 7 player in the state Wisconsin. Now, with one week of fall camp in the books, it seems as though Gilbert is starting to find a comfort level at the collegiate level.

Though a spot in defensive line coach Charlie Partridge's defensive tackle rotations seems unlikely, Gilbert is simply using August as an opportunity to help his game and adjust to the college game.

During Sunday's media day festivities, caught up with the Brookfield (WI) native. The following is a question and answer with Gilbert.

One week in the books, how's it going?

Gilbert: It's great. I'm just getting used to everything. The guys are really nice and are telling us how to do things. They're getting us acclimated into the program.

Has it been harder or easier in regards to the transition from high school into the college game? Obviously it's probably a little bit faster than the high school game.

Gilbert: It's way faster, but it all comes down to learning, being coachable and just having a positive attitude and trying to get better everyday.

It's early as we're only a week in, but what have the coaches been saying to you so far? Maybe your strengths and weaknesses type thing?

Gilbert: Basically what I tried to do this week was just go hard in practice and learn on film what I was doing wrong. Then coming back to the next practice and try to work on one thing and eventually have that thing be good and work on another thing. I just keep going day-by-day like that.

Do they have you working on the defensive line?

Gilbert: Yeah.

At tackle?

Gilbert: Yeah.

Do you feel like there is an opening there? Even though you're a young guy do you feel like there's a chance?

Gilbert: I'm not really sure right now, but there's always times when a guy could play or not. It is what it is.

Have you contemplated redshirting yet or is it too early?

Gilbert: I haven't really thought about it much. I've just been going to practice and learning as much as I can. I'm trying to compete in practice.

Who has impressed you so far coming in here as far as some of the veteran guys?

Gilbert: For sure Patrick Butrym. He's a real cool guy. He comes in and tries to teach you and help you learn and stuff. It's really cool and him being a defensive tackle is really good.

As a freshman how much do you appreciate that? When you have a veteran kind of take you under their wing and get you involved with the program and get you involved with your teammates?

Gilbert: It's really cool. I can't say enough about the older guys. They're all nice and just trying to help us, which will in the end help them. It will bring together the team with good chemistry.

How hot was it last week?

Gilbert: It was pretty hot, but when you're out there practicing you don't want to think about that. You just keep going through practice and keep working.

Now you've got two-a-days starting yesterday. Is that where you really get tested physically and mentally?

Gilbert: Yeah, but I went into it yesterday and I was saying it's the first practice, let's think this through. Let's do practice right now and not think about later. I thought that that helped a lot.

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